Project Get Out Your Own Way Podcast: Overcoming Self Sabotage, Imposter Syndrome and Other Crap Holding You Back

You may not be ready for this podcast, but that's ok. Getting out of your own freaking way, at some point, is sure to involve doing something that makes you uncomfortable and/or that you don't feel ready for.

Like stepping out of your comfort zone that you have become addicted to, or showing up so you can be more visible. Or getting over your fear of technology and change to learn how to use social media to grow your business, or how to stop overthinking.

If you're an impact-driven entrepreneur, woman leader, or influencer, or world changer who is allergic to average, you're in the right place. Each episode will provide actionable steps/strategies to get you out your own way and into where you SHOULD be: alignment, flow, your God-given purpose. Even if you don’t have it all figured out and you're scared as...Well you know. Ready or not, let’s go!